School Age Boys & Girls Classes

Summer 2022
(July 5th – August 26th)

School Age Boys & Girls Classes

Summer 2022 (July 5th – August 26th)

We are excited to announce that we have updated our curriculum and made it easier for you and your gymnast to track their progress. You will notice that the names of the classes have changed to a simpler system of Academy. Each gymnast will have a star chart to keep at home, they’ll receive a silver star for skills they are working on and a gold star for skills they’ve mastered. Once the charts are complete, gymnasts will be ready to move to the next level. The class fee is monthly.

School Age Boys & Girls Class Descriptions

Academy I

This is a beginning girls class designed to introduce the fundamentals on the four events; vault, bars, beam and floor. The initial focus will be building a strong foundation of strength and flexibility.


Academy 2

(Prerequisite: Must complete Academy 1) This is an intermediate girls class designed to continue working the fundamentals built in Academy 1 and start working more advanced skills. This class is 90 minutes.


Academy 3

(Prerequisite: Must complete Academy 2) In this advanced class, girls will continue advanced skill progressions with more intense body conditioning for further strength and flexibility. This is a two-hour class.


Jr/Sr High

This class is designed for beginner/intermediate girls gymnasts in middle and high school. They will rotate through all four events, bars, beam, floor and vault during their class time. Additionally, they will do strength and conditioning activities.


Boys Academy

This is a beginning boys class designed to introduce the fundamentals on vault, bars, floor, trampoline, p-bars, mushroom and rings. The initial focus of this class is building strength and flexibility.



This co-ed class is designed for your child to get a variety of physical activities including gymnastics, games, conditioning, challenge courses, tumbling and more.


Adaptive Gymnastics

This co-ed class is designed to provide a small class size for children who need more attention and focus in their gymnastics instruction. Ideal for kids with physical or developmental needs.

Ninja Classes

A Parkour/Ninja Warrior inspired program full of jumping, climbing, and rolling. Curriculum is designed to increase student’s overall fitness, coordination, problem solving, and confidence using safe progressions and fun obstacle courses. Co-ed classes; either ages 6-8 or 9-11.

Summer 2022 Girls Classes

Summer 2022 Boys Classes

Summer 2022 Co-ed Classes